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These are some of the FREE scripts FunnelCare members are using in their businesses every day...

 Clickfunnels SMART FAQ Accordion

 Clickfunnels Auto Select Order Bump

 Clickfunnels Headline Glowing Animation

 Clickfunnels Shining Text Animation

 Clickfunnels Animated Border

 Much more adding regularly. . . .

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What You Will Get In ClickFunnels Custom Code Library?

ClickFunnels Custom Code Library

Introducing ClickFunnels Custom Code Library – your ultimate shortcut to unleashing the full potential of ClickFunnels! Say goodbye to hours spent wrangling code and hello to effortless customization.

With FunnelCare, you can simply copy and paste code snippets to instantly integrate custom features into your funnels. Whether it's advanced lead capture forms, dynamic pricing options, or personalized user experiences, FunnelCare has got you covered.

Try FunnelCare today and experience the power of seamless customization.

 International Phone Number Validation​

Autodetect country with flag, Validates number in international format and adds international country code. Works with Clickfunnels 2.0 as well!

 ClickFunnels Smart Product Selector 

Gives your product selector a smart look. You can add product images, description or any contents inside your product selector. Works fine with regular and two step order form.

 Youtube Video Autoplay Unmute Restart 

Using this script you can autoplay youtube video without sound and it will add click to turn on sound video overlay button that autoplays video from the beginning with sound.

This is the only script available that is not going to slow down your page speed even with autoplaying video.

 Headline Typewriter Animation​

Enables you to animate any of your headlines like typewriter style.

 CF Before After Image Slider 

Showcase your before after results using this sliding before after image slider.

 On Click Product highlighter

Allows you to highlight a product on click in your order form.

 CF Order Bump Subscription Product

Easy to use script for using subscription product as an order bump in your order form.

 Disable Form Submission Based On Country

Allows you to disable form submission button for restricted countries showing alert messages.

 CF Pass Product Pro

Show only specific products in your order form based on sales page button selection.

 CF Smart FAQ Accordion

You can create a nice looking FAQ dropdown with ClickFunnels built in column, headline and paragraph elements using this code snippet.

 CF Membership Site Slide Toggle 

You can slide toggle membership site video elements with a button click.

 CF Dynamic Order Bump Product

Enables you to use dynamic order bump products with your main products.

 CF Autofill Acuity Scheduling Form

When someone submits their details in optin form you can autofill Acuity Scheduling Calender form in Thank you page.

 CF Image Hover Zoom Effect

Enables your visitors to zoom in and zoom out any images in your pages on mouseover.

 CF Order Bump Quantity Selector

Enables you to add quantity dropdown in order bump box.

 Clickfunnels Upsell Quantity Selector

Enables you to add quantity dropdown in Upsell pages.

 Clickfunnels Dynamic Products

Using this script you will be able to offer FREE Shipping Products for Domestic countries and Shipping Charge Added Products for International countries. 

It will be a game changer if you want to split test different product pricing for different countries. You can offer different pairs of products for different countries plus different priced products in order bump as well. It auto detects visitors geo location and set country field.

 Show Hide Page Elements Based on Wistia Video Playing Time

Allows you to show or hide any of the Clickfunnels page elements based on wistia video playing time. Here we are using Wistia API to modify video control. Best for showing order button in webinar room based on video playing time.

 Phone Filed Validation with Number and Digit Limitation

You can disable form submission unless phone field is validated. Let's say you wants 10 digits and numbers only. 

 Google Address Autocomplete in Order Form

Your customers will be able to easily autocomplete their order form shipping address fields based on Google Place API.

 CF Two Step Optin Form

You can easily use a two step order form as your optin form but on step 2 there will be no credit card element instead you can use your Scheduling Calender form that will be pre filled with data from previous step.

 CF Members Review Collector

It enables your members to submit their feedback about your membership course and you will get those data inside your google sheet with an instant email notification.

 Clickfunnels Submit Form Data To Next Page Url

Add your optin page form data like first name , last name , email to next page url parameters.

 ClickFunnels Order Bump Group Products

Using this script you can run paid trial campaign in order bump using subscripton product or you can add shipping charge for your physical order bump product.

 Sticky Image/Div/Elements On Scroll

Enables you to set any image , Div or Elements to be sticky while scrolling.

 Show Products Based On Dropdown Selection List

Enables you to show only specific products based on Dropdown list selection. Lets say you have different courses for different group of people

 Skip OTO page Based on Bump Selection

Lets say you want to use same offer in Order Bump and OTO. So if your customers takes bump product they won't see OTO page and directly lands on Confirmation page.

 Clickfunnels mobile only pop up

You can setup pop up to appear in mobile devices only based on specific time period like 5 or 10 seconds after someone lands on your page.

 Clickfunnels Dynamic OTO

You can show only specific product offer on upsell page based on what your customer purchased from your order page.

 ClickFunnels File/Image upload Form

Using this script you can add file/image upload form inside your Order Confirmation / Thank you page and you will get your customer uploaded file/images inside your google drive with an instant email notification.

 Clickfunnels Order Bump Forced Product

Enables you to add a forced product inside your order bump like shipping charge for your order bump product or a paid trial with monthly subscription. 

 Clickfunnels Group Product Selector

You can use this script for showing different product pack options in your order page. Specially for ecommerce products where you want to show different flavour options for each pack.

 More code snippets are coming​ every month...

What You’ll Get

 International Phone Number Validation​

 Smart Product Selector 

 Youtube Video Autoplay Unmute Restart 

 Smart FAQ Accordion

 Dynamic Order Bump Product Demo

 Image Hover Zoom Effect Demo

 Order Bump Quantity Selector Demo

 Upsell Quantity Selector Demo

 Clickfunnels Dynamic Products Demo

 CF Two Step Optin Form Demo

 Order Bump Group Products Demo

 Cf File/Image upload Form Demo

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  Clickfunnels International Phone Number Validation

  Use Order Bump as Subscription Product

  Order Form Address Autocomplete

  Cf File/Image Upload Form

  Skip OTO Page based on Order Bump Selection

  Skip OTO Page based on Order Bump Selection

  Clickfunnels Smart Product Selector

  CF Dynamic Order Bump Product

  CF Dynamic OTO Product

  CF Order Bump Quantity Selector

  CF OTO Quantity Selector

  CF Autofill Acuity Scheduling Calendar form

  CF Dynamic Products

  New Exclusive Add-Ons Every Month

  And So Much More...

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